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Treacherous Orchestra – Blueprint Emerging from the vibrant melting pot of Glasgow’s 21st century folk scene, Treacherous Orchestra takes Scottish dance music into thrilling new dimensions. The band features ten of Scotland’s, and two of Ireland’s, finest instrumentalists – or should that just be mentalists? This truly turbocharged collective has incited merry mayhem at every performance.


The book contains 61 Compositions and arrangements from Treacherous Orchestra and the composition “Maverick Angels” by Brendan Ring (Original version published with the kind permission of Brendan Ring) what more can the 21st century folky want in their collection.


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Tune List

March of the Troutsmen
Sheepskins Beeswax
Sheepskins Beeswax*
Taybank Shenanigans
Wade in the Watter
Look East
Sea of Clouds
Mare Nubium
Shimmering Sea of Okhotsk
Easter Island*
Ben Williams of Tiree
Ben Williams of Tiree*
Garry Porch of Avernish
Phit Dae a Dae?
Maverick Angels
Maverick Angels (Original)
Desperate Fishwives
Sir Steve Huska of Bryce
Canyon Drive
Hounds on the Heath
The Long Count
The Long Count*
Sheila and Rick’s Ruby
Garlic Soup
The Man Who Planted Trees
Life in the Fast Lane
The Rabbit
Sir Tom of Buckfast
Rutherglen Road
The Fugley Stick
No More Cages
No More Cages*
Sushi 7/8
The Sly One
Do Da
Do Da*
Waste Not
Lone Time
£50 Cashback
Halcyon Daze
Tout Sweet
Meall a’ Bhuiridh (Waltz)
Meall a’ Bhuiridh (Jig)
Off Up North
Out of Line
Swunk Fing
The Unknown
The Beast (Part I)
The Beast (Part II)
Power Skiddle
Texas Groove Massacre

*Denotes a bagpipe version of the tune

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