Pipe Major Derek Potter – A Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe

Posted on April 7, 2013 in music, typesetting

Pipe Major DWJ Potter - A CollectionPipe Major Derek Potter – A Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe This collection comes from Pipe Major Derek Potter, former Pipe Major of the   Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The collection contains 79 original compositions.   These range from traditional style marches, strathspeys and reels all the way up   to band competition jigs, hornpipes & reels. Oh, and a suite thrown in for   good measure. The book also contains a history of this unique position,   “the Sovereign’s Piper” compiled from many sources by Pipe Major Potter himself.





Tune List

The Removal of the Whiskey
The Gateway to Basrah
The Grey Horses of the King
The Sidlaw Soldier
Holly’s March
Waving From the Window
Ron Carr’s Farewell to Glamis
Salute to the City of Edinburgh
Elizabeth Hendry Milne
Charles Taylor Milne
The Royal Company of Archers
Innes Jacks First Birthday
Pipe Major AJ Crease BEM
Wing Commander Andrew Calame MBE
Captain Andrew CM Potter
The Stag on the Strone
23 Acres in Oakhampton
The Ghillies Ball
The Belgium Bed Conspiracy
The Jigger and the Jolly
Your Last Rollo
The Devils Marbles
The Happy Bus
Arlene’s Air
My Little Angel
Miss Maxine Paterson
Sleep Peaceful and Still
The Church of St Severus
The Weeping Stones
The Day the Guns fell Silent
Childhood Memories
Achieving Your Dream
Winding the Clocks
Big McGribley’s Folder of Miscellaneous Music
Ashley’s Thinning Napper
Big Chief Cheesy Toes
Captain Compere
Davie’s Steak and Gravy
The Cooler King
Josh’s Hair Repair
Jimmy Moose’s Fon Tae Breeks
Spud’s Night in Vegas
The Circle Line
The Skylight Specialist
The Symmetrical Haircut
Wee Ron the Gladiator
The Barn at Rosehill
The Boss’s Nova
The Boss’s Nova Jig
The Mighty Skin
The Mighty Skin Jig
Stresst Oot
A Bit of Ginger
A Bridge too Low
Cap in the Pool
The Forfar Bridie
Holiday in Inverellen
Lewis from Lewis
Salt and Sauce
Shotgun Wedding
Swifter than Eagles
The Cow the Goat and the Pot Belly Pig (v1)
The Cow the Goat and the Pot Belly Pig (v2)
The Battle Bus
The Funky Fish and the Disco Duck
The Leaving Steps
The Manky Donkey
The Picaddily Jock
Gellyburn Cottage
The Plastic Pipe Major
Tourists with Guns
The Braemar Caber
Feadran Dhub (The Black Chanter)
The Calgary Café
Max Stewart of Strathtyrum
Voyage to Distant Lands

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